Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hundred Crunch Challenge

I am starting a challenge for myself.  One hundred crunches each day.  Once a day.  I am going to give myself some slack though. 

1.  It does not have to be 100 crunches all at the same time
2.  It does not have to be 100 crunches in the same position

Just 100 crunches at anytime throughout the day everyday.  I have pretty much zero ab strength, so I am a big fan of intervals of 30 with ten leg lifts (lay on back with hands together under butt in diamond shape, then lift legs up and down).  I need to start seeing some changes to make my mind at ease.   I have a dress fitting on June 8th, my first one and I want to be close to what I will be at my wedding.  That is about a month and half so plenty of time to tone up!

Small victories get me closer to the larger goal!

My legs are feeling much better today.  I can walk down the stairs without holding onto the banister and looking like a total wierdo!  I am going to try go for a walk tonight with B and C.  Tomorrow, it's on like donkey kong!  I should be all rested up and the weather is supposed to be AMAZING, so I will be getting my exercise on!  Long walk with C in the am, walking with my beautiful preggers friend at lunch and hopefully getting a short 3 miler in after work.  That is the goal.  I'm ready to jump back in full force.  I have been tipping my toe in and have been resting my soreness when I have to, but the last couple of weeks have gotten me ready for training again.  So even though I don't "officially" start marathon training again until June/July, I will be running at least every other day to keep up my lungs and continue to build my strength.  My goal during this time frame is to get strong.  I plan on incorporating a lot more strength training activity this time around such as lunges, squats, weight lifting, hills, etc.  Sandy got canceled the NYC marathon for a reason and in my head it is so I can be better prepared! 

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