Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Park Avenue Richard Simmons

I completed my first night of 100 crunches.  I did three sets of 30 reps and one last set of 10 leg lifts.  It wasn't really that bad and it gave me energy to play with my crazy Clyde, so we goofed around and I chased him up and down our duplex stairs.  B came home a little toasty and ready to pick a fight, so he stayed on the couch last night (7's not always roses and butterflies) and my little munchkin Clyde slept on top of his toys/bones to make sure B didn't get them, ha!  Check it out, B took this picture last night of him!

I hope he had sweet dreams of bones!

This morning I took C for a walk and at lunch I met up with my girl Christy and walked Park Avenue in NYC.  Park Avenue is a beautiful street lined with flowers and sculptures.  There is a ton of money on that street, especially in Midtown.  We walked two miles like Richard Simmons and I was armed with weights!  Um, yeah, we stuck out!  Check out my weights I keep in my desk drawer just for those occasions!

Only 3lbs, but let me tell you, I feel those 6 additional pounds around 20 blocks of walking!

Tonight, hoping to go for a quick run and do my crunches.  128 days until my wedding, 128 days to get into tip top shape!

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