Friday, April 19, 2013

The distraction game

Have you ever had a day that was crazy that you didn't realize what time it was and that you haven't eaten all day?  Have you ever tried to have those days on purpose?

Well, I do.  I am trying to plan my nights to literally distract me from sitting on the couch and being lazy and about five feet from the kitchen.  It is pathetic that seriously my major problem with food is boredom.  I am not a stress eater, I don't eat when I'm in a funk, I eat when there is nothing going on, or if it is out on display.  I grew up in a house where the food was amazing.  My mom was a really great cook.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and now as an adult I love to cook too.  Brendan and I make wonderful dinners when we have time that taste so good.  Those dinners are actually not bad to me.  Yes, my portion size is probably larger than it should be, but we buy fresh ingredients.  I always put a lot of vegetables into our dinner and I know the sodium is much lower than anything processed.  It's the days that we are low on time (often during the week) and are chilling in our apartment that get me mad.  It is like I need to have something in my hand (chips, pretzels, twizzlers, it doesn't really matter).  So I do buy healthy (pirates booty, kale chips, grapes, etc) but I mean at this point I can eat for like two hours straight.  Ug!

So tonight and now that the weather is better in general, I will be using the distraction method.  It worked well for us in the past, we eat, then take C for a long walk or do something where we physically leave the apartment.  When we come back that feeling is lost and it's almost bedtime!  It works for us.  Tonight, I'm heading to the movies!  Out of sight, out of mind!  I have my first fitting June 8th and I need to be at least 8lbs lower by then!  My goal is to be 20lbs lower by the wedding. 

On other news, one of my best friends is moving out of Hoboken this weekend.  I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but we have lived next to each other or with each other for the last 11 years.  Pretty crazy.  I'm sad, but also excited for her and her husband.  They are our "couple" friends.  We go out almost every weekend with them, go on vacation with them, they are the best and the best part is that her husband is one of my fiance's good friends too! Couldn't have worked out better!  They aren't moving far, only 20 minutes, but no longer walking distance.  I am wondering if we will go out less, which will also help the "Steph needs to lose weight" initiative! 

My weekend is busy, but in a good way.  I'll write about it on Monday and take as many pictures I can!  On a side note I hope they catch that Boston Marathon Fucker alive and really fuck him up.  Apologies for the language, but that's how I feel.

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