Monday, April 22, 2013

Pushing through the pain

This weekend was great!  It was so beautiful out & we can rest a little bit knowing that the two horrible terrorists are captured or dead!  God Bless America!

Friday was an early night B and I were up and out Saturday morning!  We got up at 6:30ish, took Clyde for a long walk, then headed to get my veil!  I am wearing my mothers veil she wore on her wedding day.  It is the most beautiful veil I have ever seen and there is so much delicate detail.  I just had to get it cleaned (not restored, that might have damaged it) and I wanted them to take the hat portion off.  I just wanted a comb.  It is very long and now perfect for what I'm looking for!  I would show you a picture, but I don't want B to sneak a peek!

After I dropped the precious cargo into my closet, we were off to move my bestie!  She and her husband are moving to the burbs :(  I must have made about 30 trips up and down their three story walk up!  It was brutal, although at the time I was just doing, no complaining, just go go go!  Get 'er done!  The move from the Uhaul to the house was much nicer!!!!   No stairs really and a lot more space!  We stayed around for a couple of hours and said our goodbyes.  Short and sweet, I will be seeing her soon! 

By the time we got home it was around 8pm, so I showered, chilled out for a hot minute and B and I called it a night.  Sunday was another early morning.  I woke up around 6am, took C for a quick walk and B and I headed into NYC for a quick 4 mile race.  Immediately when I got out of bed I knew I was going to be in trouble for that race.  I could barely walk down the stairs!  I probably should have stretched out my quad before the race, but I am a lazy stretcher...something I am really going to try to work on during this year training.  I finished at a 9:55 minute mile pace, but it was hard, really hard.  I did like the back bib we all got.  It showed solidarity in the running community!

My family has asked if I am going to run the marathon this year given recent events.  My answer is YES!  My heart goes out to all of the victims of terrorist groups, but I feel like if I do not run out of fear, they will win.  I will however, not send out reminders, set up breakfasts or harass my family and friends to come cheer me on like I did last year.  If they want to come, that is their choice and I completely understand any hesitation.

After my run, B and our friend Mike went to an AMAZING soul foodish type place in NYC, Jacob Pickles. Do yourself a favor and go here.  Pretty much made sure to eat double what I had burned off during the race, ugh, I will never learn!

I'm still really sore today, so when I get home my goal is to stretch it out, hardcore.  I want to get loose and able to run tomorrow!

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