Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet the Mets

I'm going to the Mets game tonight!!!

I grew up in a family of Mets and Jets fans.  When you are a Met and Jet fan, you get used to rooting for a losing team, but when they win, it's so special!  I mean I don't remember them winning anything too big (the Mets won the World Series in '86, but I was 4), but I do remember clearly what it is like to get to an AFC championship game, to get to the playoffs.  Always an underdog and everyone loves an underdog right???  Living where we live there are a lot of Yankee/Giants fans.  They win, often!  I am sure it is fun watching your team be the team to beat each year, but I am happy our teams have to fight to win harder than the other local teams.  I worked hard for my life, yes I definitely had it easier than a lot of people out there, but we didn't have any money growing up, and believe it or not I'm thankful for that.  All of my siblings are hard workers and that gets us far, we work hard for our wins!

I'll tell you about our first Mets game.  I grew up in Toms River NJ, which is by Seaside (we are NOT Guido's).  It was actually closer for us to go to the Philly field than Shea Stadium.  So we saw our first games, routing for the Mets at the Vet Stadium.  Have you ever met Philly fans????  They are nuts!!!!  I think I was five and my sister seven.  We were so scared and as the night went on, the drunken fans didn't like us any better.  I can't remember who won the game, I am thinking Philly since we were able to leave without anyone kicking us, but I decided I didn't like going to baseball games after that.  I got older, went to Shea where people routed for the Mets and learned to love going to baseball games again!  I will say I can't stand watching them on TV.  I became much less of a fan of baseball after the strike.  I am really excited for tonight though!  We got two seats for $36!!!!  That is another perk to being a fan of a team that isn't so great :)

As far as what I'm eating, I am loving some hummus, olives and carrots!  Classic good for you snack!  Tonight, I will be grabbing a Chicago Style Dog though!!!!

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