Wednesday, April 17, 2013

To San Francisco with love

I'm back!

My San Francisco trip was in a word, amazing!  One of my besties and I were up so early and packed so much in the short amount of time we were there and I am so thankful!

I arrived in LA on time and we headed up to San Francisco as soon as I landed.  We took the fastest route there, which is not the pretty one by the coast but gets you there in about five hours.  It was so much fun just driving up with my girl that the time flew by!  We got to her girlfriends house, which was GORGEOUS, around 5ish and chilled on her deck.  We had some white wine, her friend was the ultimate hostess!  This is the view of the deck and the type of weather we had.

We chilled out, went to dinner, chatted and got back home and in bed around 10pm, a totally reasonable hour.  The next morning we were up and moving at 6:30am.  It was a Saturday morning and the plan was to ride our bikes over the Golden Gate bridge and back.  Well, my friend and I were not aware that on Saturday mornings, early in the morning, the triathletes train.  The bike ride to the bridge was spectacular, over the bridge, not so much!  We were terrified and we probably pissed off all the bikers!  They kept whizzing by at insane speeds.  I was so focused on staying to the right so they could pass that I didn't even notice the views or anything from the bridge!  If any of you San Fran triathletes in training are reading this...I'm sorry if we f'd up your mojo!  Here are some pictures before and after we finished the bridge:

Before, beautiful!

After, thankful we are alive ha!

Once we finished the bridge, we locked the bikes up and walked to Sausalito (about 2 miles).  It was a beautiful beachy town and the walk there was peaceful.  We had breakfast at some place and although the breakfast looked so good in the picture, I didn't like the hollandaise sauce, it was way too lemony and I only ate half of the eggs, the sauce kind of grossed me out.

Looks can be deceiving!

Once we finished eating and relaxing we walked back up to the Bridge.  On the way we passed an awesome salt water taffy store.  I have never seen such a selection of taffy and I grew up down the Jersey Shore!  I got $20 worth of taffy and called it a day.  I had to capture this amazing selection in Sausalito!

Each barrel was a different flavor!

The walk back to the bridge was full of hills, but at that point we were catching on, San Francisco is full of hills!  I mean crazy amount of hills!  As we got back to the bridge we noticed that there were tourists now biking on the bridge....hmmm we probably should have looked up what times tourists go over.  At that point Kristin's friend came and picked us up at the bridge and she got the bikes on and she dropped us off at Buena Vista Park.  It was a glorious day so we laid on a sheet with some wine for an hour and people watched. 

Kristin at the park!

After an hour of rest, we walked back to Amy's house.  Kristin and I pretty much stopped talking after a couple of minutes due to the fact that we were completely exhausted, but in a great way!  I was feeling the pain in my butt, but also soaking in all of what I was seeing.  To me, the typical houses in San Francisco look like this:

So colorful and well kept!

Also, if you look closely in that picture above you can see wires, well all the buses run on wires!  It's really weird seeing it coming from NYC, but it is as if they are plugged in!  No gas!  Check it out:

Such a weird thing to see to me, but it works!

After we got back we showered and relaxed for about 30minutes and headed over to our night tour of Alcatraz.  This is where I can rally!  The history, the stories, the magnificent scene that is Alcatraz is something that I was looking forward to seeing in a really long time.  I am going to show you pictures, but if you are a history buff, they will not do it justice.  The tour was part tour guide part audio tour.  Friends, it was no crappy audio tour.  The people describing stories and the prison where old inmates and security guards.  It was such an amazing thing to experience, I would recommend it to anyone going to that area!

Me and Kristin on our way to Alcatraz (I probably should have loaded up on the sunblock!)

On the boat there

Bock of cells

Example of what a cell would look like

Me in a cell, they were so tiny!

Kristin getting locked up!

Alcatraz view from the "Rec Area"

View from the "Rec Area", I would think about escaping if I saw this everyday!

We caught the last boat back and called it a night, we packed a lot in and wanted to get up early again.  The next morning we were up and moving around 6:30 again.  We hit up Golden Gate park and went to the Japanese Tea Gardens.  You feel at peace, although when there is a kid that keeps yelling and calling "mommy" it is hard to feel at peace.  I would suggest going there early and getting your calm on.  We were there a good 30 to 40 minutes before it got crowded and the chatter took over.  I did clear my head though for that short time. It felt amazing!

Tea Garden

Tea Garden

After we left there we walked around Golden Gate Park and I took a picture of the theater there.  It was a beautiful area and what I can imagine a perfect place for concerts. 

After the Golden Gate Park, we walked back to the car and drove back to LA.  That was it, short, but perfect.  I have to say, I liked LA & San Diego, but I LOVED San Francisco.  That is a place where I can see living and raising a family (um, if I had a buttload of money).  I will go back again and I would suggest anyone to go there.  I loved everything about it, every wrong turn we took on our bikes was another beautiful secret unveiled. 

Back to the grind, but with a much peacer mind.

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