Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling the Heat

This week was amazing, my long run was horrible!

Saturday started off super early.  B and I got up around 5:45am.  I took C out for a decent walk and about five seconds after stepping outside I knew my run later that morning was going to be shit.  This heat was bad, like sucking your breathe out of your body bad.   Clyde did his business and wanted no part of being outside.  We packed for our night out down the shore the night before so we where on our way down around 6:45am. 

My run was to start in the beginning of the Asbury boardwalk and then run the coast north, pass my dad's house go another mile and half north then back.  That would have been 13 miles.  Straight to my dad's is 10 miles.  B dropped me off about 8am.  I started running as soon as I hit the boardwalk, with a slight stop about 1/2 a mile in to go to the bathroom.  The public bathrooms at the Convention Hall in Asbury are gross!  Ok, so after that pit stop I was back on the road. The following is my mileage transgression:

One - hot but OK
Two - hot pouring water on my neck, face and drinking
Three - is it getting hotter to anyone else?  running low on water
Four - everything is soak and wet with sweat, cannot seem to get cool
Five - looking for shade is not easy on the board walk.  out of water.
Six - found water fountain, filled water, sun is glaring
Seven - ran off the boardwalk onto main road, searching for a path with any shade
Eight - am I seeing spots?
Nine - thank god I brought two bucks, went to krausers and got a cold Gatorade.  drank it all in seconds.
Ten - I'm going home and I might puke.

That's right, I couldn't go past ten miles.  I'm not really bummed.  I know it was the heat that got the best of me, and it wasn't because I was not prepared or my legs hurt or something like that.  I would have gotten sick if I stayed out there.  I know it.  It is supposed to be cooler this Saturday so, back to the pavement...

After my run I got to spend the day with the best little boy around, my nephew!  He is 3 going on 4 and a ball full of happy energy.  He is really just a joy to be around.  We made castles, he tore them down, ran around the beach then went home and I napped ha!  B took my nephew to the park and let me sleep.  I am seriously marrying the best man!  We ate dinner, played hungry hippos (check it out below) and then my happy boy went to sleep. 

After Gavin went to bed, B and I headed further down the shore to Seaside to do a bar crawl down the boardwalk!  I haven't been to Seaside in years.  Oh how I have missed the people watching!  We had a really great night just walking, drinking, talking and taking in the "scenery"!  My legs where tired the next morning for sure.  I might not have put in the mileage I wanted, but the days events definitely made up for it.

Sunday we went back to Hoboken early to take out Clyde (we only had a walker for Sat afternoon and night).  It was super hot yet again, so after the walk we just slept.  I got a much needed pedicure.  Really I feel horrible for the lady.  My feet are something awful since training.  I had a wedding to go to at 4pm on Sunday so I really needed a pedi, even if it meant I had to show my embarrassing tootsies to someone.  I gave her a nice tip to make up for it.

My friends wedding was awesome!  It was at a Jewish Center and everything was really nice.  I wasn't sure what I expected, but it was perfect! The food was out of this world good, the atmosphere was clean and classic, my friends where at our table so that was a blast and we were in bed by 10:30pm.  Overall, it was just a super fantastic weekend and definitely needed!  Now, back to Monday blues! 

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