Thursday, August 9, 2012

Out of sync

Monday was another super hot day, so I decided against running.  I will not put my body through that again!  Tuesday the alarm went off and I got my arse up and ran and ran and ran some more.  It was supposed to be a four miler, but the weather was perfect and I was feeling really great so I went for six and did some hills.  My days are all out of wack this week.  I didn't run on Wednesday and I am supposed to run when I get home but I am not 100% sure I'm going to do it.  It is hot again and I may just do some Yoga, abs and lift.  If I skip tonight I am not going to run until Saturday and hopefully will reset my schedule.  One week of skipping two small runs isn't going to kill me but a pattern of it will. 

Good news is I have off tomorrow, yay!  I get to spend the weekend with my nephew and down the shore again.  I'm so excited!  Tomorrow we are going to go to a Blue Claws game.  I will be sure to take some photo's and tell you all about it and my 13 mile run!  Sorry this is a short one but I am super busy today.  Have a fun and healthy weekend Internet world!

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