Monday, August 13, 2012


This weekend was a fun one.  The usual exhausting but FUN!  I took Friday off and went down to my Dad's down the shore.  I got to spend some quality time with my lovely nephew.  We went to the mall to pick up a windbreaker for him.  We were going to a minor league baseball game that night and he needed a windbreaker just in case it got chilly.  We also picked up a plane we could put together and fly, a puzzle and some hot wheels car set thing.  The rain let up when we got back so B and Gavin and I went to the park after a quick stop for some ice cream (I passed).  We flew the plane all around but the tail broke after Gavin fell on the plane after it landed ha!  Nothing a little duck tape couldn't help!  After that, puzzles and getting ready for the game.  It was PERFECT weather!  Warm with a nice breeze.  We had a massive group.  My dad remarried so it is kind of Brady Bunch.  Everyone had a great time and ate all the great baseball goodies, except me.  I had a great time, but I knew that I had 13 miles Saturday am and I wasn't going to load up on food that was going to make me sick or slow me down.  I had a Chicago Style hot dog then after we got home I had grilled chicken and hummus and peppers.  I was hungry!  Here is a picture of me at the game with my sis and nephew, check out the cheesy grin!

Saturday morning came fast!  I had the alarm on for 7am but I didn't need it.  My nerves got me up at 6:15.  I forgot my water belt and Ipod at home!  Son of a B!!!  I borrowed my dad's Ipod and I went without water, knowing there would be a few water fountains on my run.  I must say I felt so flipping good.  The weather was nice, same as last night when I started out.  The music was, well, weird.  My dad had everything from Irish music, Christmas Songs, Rihanna, Flo Rida and Fleetwood Mac.  It definitely was an interesting music experience, but in the end it worked out well.  I got to my 6.5 mile turnaround spot and still felt great.  The lack of water definitely was hitting me though.  On the way back I had to stop at a Dunkin Donuts and ask for tap water.  All in all my breathing, legs felt great.  Dehydration was an issue for sure this run.  I got a little sick after, but I was sure to fill up on carbs and water as soon as I got home.  As good as I felt, this run made me scared.  Doing another 13 miles after it seemed really intimidating and I am starting to read around the Internet to get some mental calm about doing the whole 26 miles.  I am halfway there.  Usually I'm a "glass is half full" type of girl, but hell this halfway seems like an ocean away! 

After the run, I did nap but I spent the day swimming, then walked the boardwalk and danced.  Needless to say my legs where Jello on Sunday and are still tired today.  I'm going to run when I get home, but only a short one, I know my legs need a break.  Sunday was good, but mostly I just chilled and played with my nephew and ate.  My mom made a massive breakfast, which included amazing homemade doughnuts!  Then I was craving Chinese so B and I ordered Chinese food for dinner.  I ate a lot on Sunday, but I'm not crying about it!  Tonight B is making fresh gravy for pasta.  I'm going to substitute my pasta for spaghetti squash.  Such an awesome substitution!

I have really been feeling the sacrifice of training, but I'll touch more on that tomorrow.

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