Monday, August 27, 2012

What weekend?

This weekend was crazy busy!

Friday after work I took the bus down to my mom's house (Toms River).  The bus ride down was pretty calm and I was able to finish my book.  No complaints!  My mom picked me up and we had pizza for dinner.  I grew up down the shore and I love it to death, but pizza stinks down there once you get used to Hoboken/NYC area pizza.  I'm sorry it just does! I went to sleep semi early (10am) knowing I had to be up at 5:15 latest to run.  My mom was making noise around 2:30am and it woke me up.  Well the anxiety about having to do 15 miles and all the traveling I would have to do during that weekend got the best of me and I couldn't go back to sleep.  Around 4:55am, I decided to just get changed and head over to Seaside to start my run.

It was pitch black ha!  Check it out, this is the beginning:

Yeah I was tired but ready to go!  I parked at my girlfriends family shore house in Seaside Park and started to run towards the boardwalk.  It is only about a 1/2 quarter of the mile away from the very start of the boardwalk so that wasn't that bad.  I was a little scared though, prob didn't help that the beginning of my shuffle was KORN ha!  Once on the board walk it was so peaceful.  Everything was closed, the boards where for the most part completely empty (either older people on bikes or left off drunken bastards).  The sky started to turn a beautiful purple, the air was cool and my legs felt great.  The sun started to come up just as I was hitting the end of Seaside boardwalk.  It was surreal.  Like I said in the last post I really tried to soak in the feeling of being alive and able to see moments like that morning.  Then onto Lavellette!  I got on that boardwalk, ran until the end, still feeling good.  Once that boardwalk ended I was ready to find my turning point.  Well my turning point was at least another mile if not more down the road :(  Probably should have taken a look at that!  I felt like my turn would never come.  By that point I had been running for an hour and 15 minutes and was getting nervous that I was running at a super slow pace or I missed my turn.  Well about an hour and 20 minutes I reached my turn around. That calmed my nerves and I settled in for the run back.

I had a great run back for the most part except for the fact that I thought the Lavellette boardwalk was a closer turn than it was so I ran down a street about (1/4 mile) then realized it was a dead end so I had to run back onto the main road!  Frustrating!  After my run was done I ran 15.5 miles (with one stop to go to the bathroom) in 2hrs and 38 minutes, about a 10.2 minute mile pace not taking into account time lost on going to bathroom.  I am definitely happy with that, however my run did not come at no cost.  I was torn up.  My feet where ok, but I got the worst under boob (sports bra) chafe ever!  It really looks like I got breast implant incisions under my boobs they are all cut up!  Gross I know, but hey if you are thinking about doing something like training for a marathon, I guess you should know the good, bad and ugly!  Below is a pic of me finished!  Thank god!

After my run was done, I got showered and me and my perfect nephew went on our journey back to Texas.  We had a blast!  Just the two of us, hanging out, goofing off flying!  I am lucky that he is a good boy, so there was only one potty trip on the plan and he was for the most part very quiet.  We ate pretty bad though.  I got a chicken cheese steak in the Philly airport, then in Houston (we had a layover on way to San Antonio) I had a chicken finger salad, no dressing though.  Either way wasn't the best choices but hell when you travel it's part of the fun right?  Right?

Our goodbyes made me very sad, so they were quick and I stayed at a hotel for one night, then again I was up at 5am making my way back to NJ.  Last night was a super early night needless to say and I did not run this am.  It is really nice out today so I'm going to try and get 4 miles in when I get home.

Overall, my weekend was a total success, run came and went, travel was easier than expected and got to spend some one on one quality time with the most fun boy ever.  It was just very fast!  This weekend will be no different.  I'm going to visit my best friend in LA on Thurs for the weekend, but we are pretty low key people so I think I will be able to relax for a large portion of the trip.  I have my 16 miles mapped and planned for Saturday, even though I will be on "vacation".  I am actually looking forward to it!

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