Friday, August 24, 2012

Stop and Listen

I listened to my body this week.  After my Tuesday run my calf muscle was tight and sore.  I decided to skip both of my short runs on Wed & Thurs and massage and stretch it out.  I will be doing the 15 miles on Saturday and I definitely think I did the right thing.  My calf is still a little tight and it is now Friday!

Overall this weekend is going to stink!  I will be taking a bus to my mom's house in TR after work.  Then waking up around 5am to get my 15 miles in, showering then off to Philly Airport with my nephew.  I am flying back to Texas with him :)  This is going to be a stressful exhausting day, but really I'm glad I get to spend alone time with him.  It is a day flight so I know he will be chatting up a storm :)  We arrive in San Antonio at 9:05pm then I'm off to a hotel for the night and then up and at the SAT Airport at 5am on Sunday!  Craziness, but at least I will be home in Newark at 1:45pm and still feel like I have some time to relax on Sunday. 

I am hoping that the busy schedule will keep my eating to a minimum.  I did really good this week and lost weight, it is amazing how just keeping it a little lower will make a difference when you are banking so much exercise.

Another reason for the Stop and Listen title is because I work in NYC about 10min walk from Empire State Building.  There was a shooting around 9:07am today.  I was in my office at 9:06am.  We live in a world that I am really started to be scared in.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Whatever side of the fence you are on re: gun laws, a gun never shoots itself.  These are humans making these decisions.  What is going on in humanity?  Life is scary and unfairly short for many people, please stop and be thankful, joyful, happy you are alive.  Maybe if we cared about life more then there would be less of these horrible tragedies.  I know my run this weekend will be focused on just that, my life.  My gratefulness that I am alive.

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