Monday, August 20, 2012

What a Band Aid could do for you

Happy Monday!

This weekend was really awesome!  Friday was a low key night.  I got out of work a couple hours early and B made grilled chicken, asparagus and rice and beans.  Bed was pretty early, around 10:30pm.  I checked the weather for Saturday and saw it was going to be rainy and cool so I decided to let myself wake up natural time since the weather was not going to be that hot. 

I got up to drizzle, bleh.  I walked Clyde with B and decided to walk without an umbrella to get myself used to the drizzle :)  It wasn't a pour like it was a couple days ago but just a light drizzle.  After a 30min walk, I got home, changed into my quick dry gear and bandaged up my foot.  Now I have been having blister problems for almost a month now.  It has been a big issue on my long runs.  My friend took me to Duane Reade and we picked up what he uses for his bad blisters.  Two awesome products: Friction Bock and Band Aid Blister Bandages.  Now my blog is a small little thang that I am not sure if anyone even reads so this review is purely based off of my experience and complete LOVE of how my feet felt.  When I tell you that for 14 miles I did not feel one ounce of pain or irritation from my blisters I am telling the 100% truth.  My only complaint would be the Bandages are hard to get off, but I read I'm supposed to leave them on, so next time I will.  Guys, this run was the longest I ever ran and so far this training the best run.  I was faster, stronger and having fun!  The drizzle was welcomed!  I really kept me cool.  I didn't feel like I was sweating until around mile 7 or 8.  The sun stayed away until I was on my way back, maybe the last 30minutes of my run.  My feet felt like a million bucks and I got my motivation back!  I needed it, all this training was getting to my head and this run put it all back to the motivating force I had in the beginning.  I can do it! Ha!

After my run, B and I had an awesome brunch at our friends, then had pizza and beer at our other friends for dinner and watching a dismal Jets game :(  Seriously, being a Jets fan is soooooooooo hard! 

Sunday was a super exciting day for me.  We went to have brunch with my Dad, Step Mom and B's parents at The Stone House, where we are getting married in one year!!!!  I was a little nervous because I have not been back since we booked it in April.  B and I go there early and just walked around the organic gardens they have on premises.  I really fell in love with this place again.  It is perfect and I cannot wait to get married there, like now!!!  The food and drinks where awesome and our families LOVED it! 

I skipped my run this am because I didn't want to get up and I knew the weather would be cool enough to go tonight.  So tonight I'm going home, running then watching a movie!  Movies rule!!!

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