Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weathering the Storm

The title of this post has more than just the literal meaning for me right now, however on my five miles this am, I did literally have to run through a storm.  I was about one mile in when it started to drizzle and then in mile two it poured.  I mean POURED.  My attire was definitely not the best choice.  White cotten shirt and cottonish pants.  I did have a blue sports bra on, thank god!  Once my shirt got wet you could see my back tattoo and everything!  I am definitely not fat, but I am not someone who should be running in a sports bra only if ya know what I mean, ha!  The rain actually felt kind of good, cooling me down at first.  Once it wouldn't stop I was not happy!  My Ipod crapped out.  I did pick up a poop bag from a dog park I passed to run with my Ipod in the bag, but it was too late.  I had to finish my mile and half without music.  After the rain eventually subsided, I felt 10 pounds heavier.  Hell I probably was 10 pounds heavier and right then and there I decided I hate running in the rain.  Soggy shoes, wet clothes, no music, rain is for the birds man!  Anyway, when I got home I decided to show ya'll a picture of my sogginess.  Aren't you lucky!  The good thing is I did five miles and felt really good breathing wise.  I only had to do 4 but I decided to do a little extra to push myself in the bad weather.  The weather on November 4th might be brutal so I guess I should prepare right???

The non literal part of this quote is just some family issues that are eating at me.  We have been dealt a round of sadness with a side of stress and really both situations we are completely helpless.  Fate will have to take it's course.  There are definitely times that I feel overwhelmed and sad, but right now I'm really happy I had that run to do this morning.  I know it is very "Tom Cruise" of me to say but I am a believer in exercise of any form.  I clear my head.  I think.  I refocus.  I know many people have sadness they cannot control (depression, bipolar, etc), but I am lucky.  I do get sad.  I do get overwhelmed.  I know it is not a sickness though and what helps me is focusing on running.  When there is nothing you can do to mend a problem you have to start looking at ways to help the individual whose problem it REALLY is and that is exactly what I am going to try and do. 

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