Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What goes up...

This week has been good so far running wise.  I did a four mile run Monday night after work, it was pretty hot and then I did a little over six miles this morning, it was beautiful out!  I also did hills on both of those runs.  I must say running in the AM is a totally different feeling than running after work.  I wake up in the morning ready to go, running calms my head and I needed calming this AM!  My run this am pretty much went like this:

Start:  a little rocky, trying to find my stride (usually takes about a quarter of a mile to set my pace)  I listened to that song Titanium on repeat three times until I past mile one ha!  I am a classic repeat offender.  If I like a song I play the crap out of it!

Middle:  Easy, breezy.  Had a nice pace going, faster than my long distance paces, stoped at a water fountain for a quick drink, the weather was breezy and the pier was beautiful.

End:  Easier than expected.  Hills are starting to just feel like part of the run.  I expect them, I don't fear them, I coast through them.  In fact I look forward to them now.  They are always at the end of my run because I try to challenge myself at the point when I will be most tired.  I know as soon as I get to the top then it's an easy run down.  I really look forward to it now, who would have thunk it!

That is it in a nutshell.  Well that is it TODAY.  I am not sure how anyone else is when running but sometimes I feel like it's any given day how I will feel.  I might feel like total poop tomorrow. 

My run schedule is going to be a little weird the next couple of days.  I'm going to LA to visit two of my besties and I will be running on different terrain and at different times.  I have scheduled it out so I definitely will not miss them, but it will be a challenge to my will to get them done.  I am sure that I would much rather drink wine and chat all night every night, but that is out of the question as far as the nights before my runs :(  Damn the man!  I will try check in while I'm there.  I definitely will take a lot of pictures to log what it looks like to run in Hollywood ha!  Maybe I'll see a celebrity!  Here's hoping!

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