Thursday, August 16, 2012


I feel exhausted, worn, tired, etc.  I completed all my shorter weekly runs and I am starting to understand why you need to do them.  After the 13 miles this weekend I didn't take a long break.  All week I have been running on tired legs from the 13 miles (and dancing all night) I did on Saturday.  It is weird but today I felt the strength I was getting from running on tired legs.  It is a fact, I'm going to pushed to physical exhaustion on November 4th, my legs will want to stop moving, I know this.  What I also know is I can run when I'm tired.  I can keep moving one step in front of the other until the pain goes away. 

Ok, so it doesn't really go away, it just becomes euphoric.  I read a really funny analogy this morning in the Metro.  They compared S&M to runners high and at first I laughed then reading further down I understood.  The pain at a certain point becomes euphoric.  Now I am not saying that after a certain point I am having the most mind blowing orgasim I have every had, although that would be freaking amazing, all I am saying is that the pain seems to subside and then you have a burst of energy and calm.  That is what I am feeling now on my long runs, pain then steady calm.  On my shorter runs this week I felt worse in the beginning, like the first mile than I did at the end. 

Overall my run today was consistent with a tough long hill included.  It is at the end of the three miles and I like it now because I know once I get to the top the downhill is nice, long and easy.  Dare I say I am enjoying hills?  That statement will bite me in the arse when I do the 18 mile tune up in Central Park.  UGH, I hate those hills.  I actually think I might try next week's 15 miles in CP just so I can do a tune up to the tune up ha!

Tomorrow I have an off day from running, but I'm going to try do some light weights and squats to build up some muscle.  I'm going to dinner at a fancy spot in NYC tonight because I do not have to run, you know since my life revolves around my runs now! 

On a non-running note, I saw The Dark Knight Rises last night.  It was good, I loved it, but there was someone who came and sat behind us and he was alone.  Immediately I got nervous.  I really hate that this psychopath has made me think this way.  I go to the movies by myself.  I love going to the movies and now I have to get anxiety about it?  Not only did he destroy so many peoples lives and their loved ones he affected a simple pleasure in peoples lives.  I know in time those feelings will subside and that is why the human race is so resilient, but last night it just got the best of me.

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